MACK TRUCKS  Mack Pinnacle

The Mack Pinnacle Series-available in axle back or axle forward configurations-is built to conquer steep grades and long hauls. These Mack trucks feature a high-horsepower and fuel-efficient Mack MP engine that delivers superior low-end torque. Our highway trucks are built on the lightweight-but-strong Mack Advantage chassis to help you maximize payload. And with industry-leading electronics; an ergonomic dashboard; a quieter, reinforced cab and plush interiors, it’s clear our highway trucks are built to make you feel at home on the road.

The Pinnacle Series maintains the option of removing the sleeper box on its sleeper models. This is a huge advantage as it extends the life of your Mack truck and adds significant trade-in value. Most road chassis accrue high miles and get traded in or are retired. But thanks to the durability of Mack products, you can reconfigure your sleeper into a DayCab, giving your Mack truck a second life for local, regional, van trailer and less-than-truckload hauling.

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MP8 - 415 to 505 HP & Torque 1,460 to 1,760 ft.-lbs

MP7 - 325 to 505 HP & Torque 1,260 to 1,560 ft.-lbs

Clutch - Self and Manual Adjusting Mechanical Cable - Standard

Transmission Bell Housing - Aluminum or Iron

PTO(Power TakeOff) Up to Six Openings, SAE 6 + 8

Dual Air Brake System

Anti-Lock Brake System With or Without Traction Control

Mack UniMax Axles with Integrated Hub

Power - 12,000, 12,600 or 18,000 lb.

Heavy-Duty - 20,000 or 23,000 lb.

Bogies - 38,000 - 65,000 lb. Capacity

Tri-Drive - 69,000 lb. Capacity