MACK TRUCKS  Mack Granite

The Granite Series — in the popular axle forward configuration — represents a milestone in construction truck engineering. With a stronger frame specially designed for harsh jobsites, a powerful and fuel-efficient MP engine and a cockpit that delivers unmatched comfort, the Mack Granite puts high technology to work to help you boost profits.

Built on our strongest chassis yet, Granite is designed to shoulder extreme workloads. And our reinforced cab not only delivers a quieter ride, it features an easy-to-reach dash and lots of leg and belly room, along with a seat that cushion as well as supports drivers over tough terrain. So whether you need a dump truck, a cement mixer or a snowplow, this is the Mack truck for you.

The Granite in an axle back configuration can easily increase payload and raise profits as weight is evenly distributed for optimum performance. And maneuvering dump trucks and cement mixers is a breeze as the axle positioning provides a tighter turning radius to navigate tough jobsites.

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MP8 - 415 to 505 HP & Torque 1,570 to 1,760 ft.-lbs

MP7 - 325 to 505 HP & Torque 1,200 to 1,560 ft.-lbs

Clutch - Self and Manual Adjusting

Air Operated Clutch Assist Pedal

Transmission Bell Housing - Aluminum or Iron

PTO(Power TakeOff) Up to Six Openings, SAE 6 + 8

Dual Air Brake System

Anti-Lock Brake System With or Without Traction Control

Mack UniMax Axles with Integrated Hub

Power - 12,000, 12,600 or 18,000 lb.

Heavy-Duty - 20,000 or 23,000 lb.

Bogies - 38,000 - 65,000 lb. Capacity

Tri-Drive - 69,000 lb. Capacity